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Namaste & welcome,

    I am Sundivine. I am a Certified Reiki practitioner, I have completed all 3 Reiki levels 1, and 2, and the Master level.  A conduit for Divine Light Energy, a Counselor, and a Tarot Consultant. I provide Reiki Healing, Counseling, Tarot Consultation, Yoni Steam (women's wellness), etc. I'm also a Licensed Yoni steam practitioner. My sessions will help those who require healing & seeking guidance regarding their personal life, career, life purpose, acceptance, balancing, spirituality, depression, & more. My sessions and readings will empower you also, help you gain clarity in your current situation. If you are dealing with depression give my one-on-one counseling session a try, it will help you understand a Divine connection between spirituality and depression.

I have been through my healing, I understand how intense and challenging it can be sometimes. Healing doesn't happen overnight it is an ongoing process and it takes a conscious effort. Many are dealing with depression, addiction, abandonment issues, rejection, childhood traumas, etc some are conscious and some are subconscious. It can be not easy to open up and share yourself with others. This is why my sessions are available to those who are in need of assistance and need support during these challenging times. Sometimes you need a simple shift in your perspective and approach in life to manifest a new reality. You have to put time and effort into yourself. Self-love is the key!

I have psychic gifts such as Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Clairaliance, empathic & more! Check out my services for further assistance and book a session with me.

I look forward to working with you! Sending much love, light & blessings your way.

Thank you! 



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