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If you are longing to caress the moon,

don't turn away from it!

If you are not ill,

why do you crawl under a blanket to hide?

You are in a quarry of sweets.

Why do you look so sour?

You live in the spring of life.

Why are you withered inside?

Don't fight against yourself?

Don't flee from what could be your glory!

Like a fearless moth,

dive into the flame.

Why be linked to your obsessions?

Burn out in the flames, until your heart and soul are enlightened.

Get out of the old carcass and form yourself a new body.

Why are you afraid of a fox when you descend from lions?

Why be a lame ass when you have the strength of stallions?

The beloved you seek will arrive to open the door to your fortune,

for love is the key that opens all your locks.


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