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Love her without condition!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Enter her body without love you'll confuse her.

Play with her heart you'll destroy her innocence.

Shame her body, shame her sensuality you'll wither her beauty.

Honor her, touch her with purity of your love.

Allow her to shine her divine beauty.

Embrace her divinity, caress her body

and she is forever yours, Divine Goddess.

Love her without condition,

accept her without judgement.

Force her, control her, humiliate her

and face her rage, face her darkness.

As phoenix rise from the ashes,

so will she rise and aim high like no other.

Do not mistaken her to be regular,

she's far from regular, she's built from fire.

Look into her eyes, blazing fire.

Passionate lover she'll burn you with her heat.

Love her without condition,

and she is forever yours, Divine Beauty.


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