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[“Today is a happy day for us. Life is brand new and exciting for me again as I set off on the Path of the Fool. I give thanks to my guiding light, my higher self, my ancestors who watch over me, and all those who have my best interest in mind. I feel lucky to have been given the exact relationship experiences that were required for me to grow and become stronger as Divine Masculine. All is forgiven.

My awesome and loving children are my inheritance.

With all my heart, I hope they succeed and thrive in life beyond their wildest dreams.

I am thankful for all my abilities and gifts and skills and strengths and talents and elemental powers. I am an idealistic dreamer who is ideals are of the highest order. I am very grateful for my unusual mindset. INTJ. I answer to my calling, my destiny, my hearts desire and my intuition only. I hope to share my experience, my knowledge and my love to benefit others, to release all from bondage who will. It is my intent. So be it”]


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