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Divination pouches is a great way to start your manifestation work.

Green: is made with intention to manifest m$ney, abundace, prosperity. Clearing any blockages regarding financial issues. 

Pink: is made with intention to promote self-love and attract love.

Blue: is made with intention to bring more peace and tranquility within oneself and in any given situation. 

White: is made with intention to purify or cleanse any negative or lower vibrational energies. It can also be used to heightened ones intuition. 

Orange: is made with intention to boost your creative life force energy. It will help you to enhance your creative gifts and sensuality. 

Black: is made with intention to harmonize with ones shadow-self. It will help you work on your shadow and feel empowered by intergrating shadow/darkers aspects of oneself.

Divination Pouch!

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